lauantai 31. elokuuta 2013

Lavender Luck

Tälläinen kortti valmistui ihmiselle jonka synttäreitä juhlitaan tänään/huomenna.
Jääköön salaisuudeksi toistaiseksi kenestä on kyse.
Magnolian ihana Tildanen on väritetty Promarkereilla johon on lisätty sticklesejä (purple/mustard) ja glossya.

Huh kun tuli erinäköiset salamalla ja ilman mutta tämä kuvastaa paremmin kyseistä tekelettä.
Otin kuvat illalla ja järkkärini ei suostunut parempaan yhteistyöhön.

WOC:in kukkasia, pitsiä, laserperhosia, puolihelmiä, pinsejä, sydämiä,
akrylimaalia, distresin musteita, papereita ja pahveja.


torstai 1. elokuuta 2013

Make it Alice

Welcome to the very special Make it Crafty Tea Party!
(Awesome BlogHop!!)

Today, I'm joining the fun with a collection of Make it Crafty fans from around the world,
serving you a delicious array of crafty delights to celebrate not only the magical release of ‘Alice in Wonderland’
but also Make it Crafty’s THIRD Birthday!!

What better way to celebrate than a tea party full of Make it Crafty fans?!!

As you chase the white rabbit down holes, through small doors, around corners and more…
keep your eye out for hidden letters, collecting them along the way.
Simply decipher the ‘question’ and then enter the answer at the end of the hop for a chance to win the grand prize!

It wouldn’t be a fun tea party without hidden prizes along the way,
so make sure you comment as you chase the rabbit for a chance to win more prizes!

Hopefully you’ve found your way through the door from Michelle,
but if you’ve just fallen down the hole then you might want to start back at Zoe.

The guests were given the option to play with 6 images from the new collection and I chose to get creative with...

Alice & White Rabbit

I'm such a dork. :) I have already packed my originally creation (Yes, i am moving from house to house..)
so i had to make with such a hurry new one. And this aint good. Although i like the colouring and love the image but the rest of it.. huh :D

So.. This is my wallcalender.. And yes, i have packed all my crafting stuffs also :DD
But i still think that the image is this time the main thing to show of :))
And you can get the image from here!!!!

And ofcourse you should go and check rest of the amazing store

The fun doesn’t stop here and if you head through this door you’ll find your way to Katrina